Jul 182012

So, all the beads are at Nomads. Well, most of them. I’m making a few more earrings using the flame worked head pins I made. It’s kinda cool – almost like not using any findings or wire loops or stuff. All you see is the ear wire (gotta have that) and BEADS.

Tony is hauling all the heavy stuff out there today. Table. Propane tank. Oxygen concentrater. Torch. Thanks, hon.

I’m also sitting here lamenting the sad demise of KGSR radio. It has, over the last several months, gone the proverbial to hell in a hand basket route. They’re playing Gwen Steffani? Really? Last week they kept advertising give-a-way tickets for Lyle Lovett, but I can’t EVEN remember the last time they played Lyle song.

Lots of CDs from Amazon in my mailbox these days…