This page and gallery is devoted mostly to “the girls” – the dogs who share our lives. There are pictures of things around home, too.

Many many years ago we decided not to have children. And, for most of those years I lived with people telling me that the girls were just substitute children. Because I was young, perhaps, I put up with it. I have since come to the realization, however, that calling a dog a “substitute” for anything does them a great disservice. My girls are my best friends, my constant companions, my faithful (and tight-lipped!) confidants. They keep my feet warm at night and my lap warm during the day. They make me laugh even when I don’t feel like it. As we’ve shared our lives with dogs for all but the first 7 weeks of our married life, many wait for us over the Rainbow Bridge.

PLEASE NOTE: I have an annual “bead donation budget.”  If you want beads for an animal-related charitable event, please let me know. You can use them for raffles, door prizes, make them into jewelry for sale. The only caveat is any money so earned goes to the designated charity. Use the Contact Me page to make your request.