Apr 252012

The class over the weekend with Bronwen Heilman was terrific. Here’s a picture of what I did – Jim from Blue Moon Glassworks just sent it to me via his iPhone:


I took the bead painting class from her quite a few years ago, and never did anything with it. The amount of work was just well beyond what I wanted to put in. This technique, though, is MUCH more do-able, although in many ways the process is the same. I can totally see myself getting into this….can’t wait to see them in person.

Apr 182012

Won’t have much time for posting or other shenanigans this week (the PERFECT excuse not to take pictures!) as I’m in the middle of tutor interviews, which means late nights almost every night this week. We do group interviews, but the logistics of interviewing 90 college students are daunting.

I did make beads with new techniques last weekend, so I’ll try to get those photographed over the weekend. Trying to gear up for the July Nomadic Notions trunk show. Not doing SABOS this year, truthfully just procrastinated which is rare indeed for me.

Taking a Bronwen Heilman class this weekend, but not flame working – instead, fused reverse glass painting. She is a true artist so should be fab.

Apr 122012

For once, I’m glad we neglected the garden. Onions – who knew the flowers were so pretty?

onion globe

onion flower opening

ta da!
Apr 102012

Took a fabulous class a couple of weeks ago with Kim Fields. She’s terrific to take from because it’s always something new. Last year was birds, this year flowers:

Red Poppy

Glass Flowers

There’s a rose, too, but couldn’t find for the photo. The poppy is about 2″ across, and I’m very happy with it. Plan to make more! The blue poppy in the second photo, is “real,” by the way – a Himalayan poppy – who knew?

Apr 042012

I really did make beads this weekend….really. Have goodies from a fab Kim Fields class….so why are you getting flowers? It makes me nuts, but my pictures from the garden are always fabulous, and my pictures of beads always suck.

I don’t know exactly what this flower is. Last year they were calling them African daisies, this year something else. Kind of cool, though – when I picked one out, there were several that had really dark purple flowers, and several with light purple flowers. I went with the dark purple. After they lived on my patio for a few days, though, I realized that they start out dark, then lighten up as they age. Pretty neat!

Mar 302012
Friendly Local Garden Center

Tony and I should never be allowed to go to a garden center. We ALWAYS buy too much. Always. This is the back-end of my car – a pretty big SUV-ish thing – and it’s full. And that’s only the hatch area. The back seat is completely full, too. I guess there are worse vices in life…..I guess I should mention that I’m a bit late posting this…this was just the first trip, there have been several more. We’ve got blueberries growing, grapes, and tons of flowers. Here’s a closeup of a hibiscus bloom.

Mar 212012

Our 4-station back yard bird feeder is a busy place. All day the wrens, sparrows, jays and chickadees visit, while in the evening the cardinals and doves come for their nosh. One morning last week I looked out the window to my back yard, and imagine my surprise when I saw this:

Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks

The picture is a bit grainy because I took it through the window and screen. I was afraid they’d be gone if I went outside. They are, I think, Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks, which are characterized by very bright reddish-orange bills.

The pairs mate for life, so I like to think this was a Mr. and Mrs. Duck. Although they winter in south Texas, I’m not sure where they were headed or why they ended up in my back yard. They didn’t stay around long, but I hope they found the chow satisfying.

Mar 192012

Beads were made on Saturday! The Fairy didn’t leave quite as many as I would have liked, but I’m happy she visited at all. Here’s one she left behind; will be up for sale in a day or two:

Quite a bit different than I usually make, guess I was just in a colorful/playful mood. Wonder if listening to The Hunger Games while I was working had any impact….wish I could listen to professional development while I’m on the torch about how to improve my photography skills…..

Mar 142012

Well, actually it’s welcome to the TWO new Yellow Dogs. First, Caldonia:

This is our new Golden Retriever puppy, Caldonia. She’s our fourth golden; the first one, Susanna, is who the biz is named after (her primary nickname was “yellow dog”). Caldonia is named after the Cab Calloway song of the same name. Actually, Calloway wasn’t the first to perform the song, and I’m not even sure who wrote it, but it’s the version we’re familiar with. And, as we name all the girls after songs, this one was perfect for a golden:

Walkin’ with my baby she’s got great big feet / She’s long, lean, and lanky and ain’t had nothing to eat / She’s my baby and I love her just the same / Crazy ’bout that woman ’cause Caldonia is her name.
Caldonia ! Caldonia ! / What makes your big head so hard?

Her litter’s theme was “hot” – born in the middle of the horrible summer we had last year – so her kennel name is Hot Fun in the Summer Time. She’s a sweetie, and a handful.

The second new Yellow Dog is the revamped website. Hopefully it will bear some nostalgic resemblance to the old site, but as I wimped out and went with WordPress rather than trying to do my own from scratch it’s much more professional looking. And, it has what I really wanted, which is a blog combined with a website.

I’m letting both the other blogs go (not that I’ve posted in a very long time) so you can keep up with me, beads, and of course the girls from this one page. The girls still have their tribute page, of course…look at the “heartbeats” tab.

I will be posting beads for sale within the week – promise. I also have to put in a plug here for Lauren of Best Web Host. I read three WordPress books before I even started, and Lauren made the back-end stuff so easy that the first third of each book was totally unnecessary. So, if you’re looking for web hosting, give Lauren a shout.