Jan 242013

Well, I could offer excuses:

1. I’m busy.
2. I’m busy making beads.
3. I don’t want to post until I have pictures to upload.
3a. My photo set-up sucks.
3b. I need a new camera.
3c. I bought a new camera, now I need a macro lens.
3d. I bought a macro lens, but I don’t know how to use it.
4. I have pictures, but I don’t have time to crop and edit. Or to upload.

Which brings me back to the best excuse I have: I’ve been busy making beads!

In all seriousness, thanks to the MANY who stopped and shopped at Nomadic Notions over the holidays. The trunk show was a great success, and that’s a good thing, because I LOVE to make beads and it IS gratifying when people like them well enough to buy them. So, THANKS AGAIN. Hopefully there will be another trunk show in July or so, and I’ll be doing demos.

Aug 212012

When I took this picture, these were “almost pecans” in the true sense of the word – just needed to ripen and fall off:

Green Pecans

Now they’re almost pecans in another sense of the word: they’re either falling off green and/or being plucked off by the squirrels. I think the first guess is accurate, as they seem to turn black very quickly after they drop. The good news (I guess) is that the squirrels are eating them anyway. I’m thinking that last year’s lack of water was very stressful for the trees and the squirrels.

Aug 082012

Thanks to everybody who came by the trunk show! It was great seeing all my “veteran” (can’t call y’all OLD!) beady friends, as well as making some new friends, too. I had a great time, even though for at least the week before the trunk show each year pretty much all I say is, “I never want to see another bead!”

I was going through some old digital media cards earlier this week, and found this enchanting picture of Rosalita:


Why “enchanting?” Well, Rosa isn’t known for her good looks. In fact, she’s downright homely. But I just think this picture is so cute!

I’ve also listed (gasp!) some beads on Etsy. If you’re too lazy to click, here’s a picture of them:


Silver Glass with Copper Inclusions
Jul 192012

Here’s a quick pic of the earrings I mentioned yesterday. I make the headpins on high-temp kiln wire. So, thinking about a headpin, where there’s usually a little platform piece or a small round silver ball, instead you have a tiny bead at the end. And, as they’re made directly on the wire there’s no exit hole.

lampworked earrings with lampworked headpins

These will be priced around $25 to $30.

Jul 182012

So, all the beads are at Nomads. Well, most of them. I’m making a few more earrings using the flame worked head pins I made. It’s kinda cool – almost like not using any findings or wire loops or stuff. All you see is the ear wire (gotta have that) and BEADS.

Tony is hauling all the heavy stuff out there today. Table. Propane tank. Oxygen concentrater. Torch. Thanks, hon.

I’m also sitting here lamenting the sad demise of KGSR radio. It has, over the last several months, gone the proverbial to hell in a hand basket route. They’re playing Gwen Steffani? Really? Last week they kept advertising give-a-way tickets for Lyle Lovett, but I can’t EVEN remember the last time they played Lyle song.

Lots of CDs from Amazon in my mailbox these days…

Jul 132012

Use the contact form or the email address that most of y’all know: pam AT yellowdogbeads DOT com.

Here’s another bead set to ease our pain. I’m calling it the Mystery Set. Why? Well, it’s freakin’ gorgeous, and I have absolutely no idea what glass I used for the base OR for the decoration. I came within an inch of keeping it for myself – and I’m kinda hoping nobody else buys it….

Mystery Set
Jul 122012

Work. Blech. No, really, it’s pretty much okay. I love working with the students, it’s just that sometimes – like with ALL jobs – bureaucracy rears it’s ugly head. But today was a good day.

We’re helping (“we” being the Sanger Learning Center – check it out!) with New Student Orientation. This is the first year that ALL incoming freshman are required to attend orientation – just over 9,000 students. We’re doing one hour presentations that are basically on the high school to college transition. How to take notes in college, how test prep differs, stuff like that. We’re on teams of 4, so each teach goes usually twice for each weekly orientation session. So many young faces.

Here’s the bead (actually beadS) for today –

Jewel dots


The long green one is around 2 inches long. I’m not a huge green fan, but this one came out yummy.

Jul 102012

First, here’s the daily bead:

Silvered blues


More of that yummy Double Helix glass. This is a pretty big bead – you can bet the core is clear!

We feed the birds and the squirrels. It’s an amazing amount of money, first and last, because they go through it like crazy! Three large seed feeders, one really large deer corn holder (the squirrels, doves, and blue jays nom on this). Close to the house, just outside the back window, there are 3 more corn feeders, including two little spiral things (well, I guess technically then there are 4 corn feeders) that hold cob corn. And ALL of these feeders get filled every single day. I supplement when I can with stale/old bread. Which makes the golden retriever pup crazy! I throw the bread into the fenced-in garden area (the entire yard is fenced, but then there’s a fenced enclosure inside of that). She sees me tossing it, and I swear she acts like I’m tossing filet mignon. Do you really think she’d eat a slice of stale bread inside the house? Well, with butter maybe.

Jul 092012

This was the first weekend in a VERY long time that the torch didn’t get lit (lighted?). I actually planned to do some playing (for me!) yesterday, but T and I just wound up literally sitting around. We watched an entire DVD of Dexter, and a couple of things we had DVR’d earlier. (Isn’t the creation of new verbs fascinating? I wonder if this has always happened, or if it’s more a consequence of our electronic age….) Anyway, almost everything is tagged and priced. I’m typically pretty organized, so it’s mostly a matter of just doing.

Here’s today’s bead pix:

Gravity stripes

This is one of my favorite types of bead to make, but I don’t make them very often because 1) they take quite a bit more time to make than most beads, and 2) they don’t sell well. Guess others don’t like them as much as I do!