Jan 242013

Well, I could offer excuses:

1. I’m busy.
2. I’m busy making beads.
3. I don’t want to post until I have pictures to upload.
3a. My photo set-up sucks.
3b. I need a new camera.
3c. I bought a new camera, now I need a macro lens.
3d. I bought a macro lens, but I don’t know how to use it.
4. I have pictures, but I don’t have time to crop and edit. Or to upload.

Which brings me back to the best excuse I have: I’ve been busy making beads!

In all seriousness, thanks to the MANY who stopped and shopped at Nomadic Notions over the holidays. The trunk show was a great success, and that’s a good thing, because I LOVE to make beads and it IS gratifying when people like them well enough to buy them. So, THANKS AGAIN. Hopefully there will be another trunk show in July or so, and I’ll be doing demos.

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