Jul 122012

Work. Blech. No, really, it’s pretty much okay. I love working with the students, it’s just that sometimes – like with ALL jobs – bureaucracy rears it’s ugly head. But today was a good day.

We’re helping (“we” being the Sanger Learning Center – check it out!) with New Student Orientation. This is the first year that ALL incoming freshman are required to attend orientation – just over 9,000 students. We’re doing one hour presentations that are basically on the high school to college transition. How to take notes in college, how test prep differs, stuff like that. We’re on teams of 4, so each teach goes usually twice for each weekly orientation session. So many young faces.

Here’s the bead (actually beadS) for today –

Jewel dots


The long green one is around 2 inches long. I’m not a huge green fan, but this one came out yummy.

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