Jul 102012

First, here’s the daily bead:

Silvered blues


More of that yummy Double Helix glass. This is a pretty big bead – you can bet the core is clear!

We feed the birds and the squirrels. It’s an amazing amount of money, first and last, because they go through it like crazy! Three large seed feeders, one really large deer corn holder (the squirrels, doves, and blue jays nom on this). Close to the house, just outside the back window, there are 3 more corn feeders, including two little spiral things (well, I guess technically then there are 4 corn feeders) that hold cob corn. And ALL of these feeders get filled every single day. I supplement when I can with stale/old bread. Which makes the golden retriever pup crazy! I throw the bread into the fenced-in garden area (the entire yard is fenced, but then there’s a fenced enclosure inside of that). She sees me tossing it, and I swear she acts like I’m tossing filet mignon. Do you really think she’d eat a slice of stale bread inside the house? Well, with butter maybe.

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