Jun 192012

Caldonia is, unbelievably, one year old today.

Beautiful Caldonia

We do the crate training thing. About 3 months ago we starting leaving her out a bit during the day (she hasn’t slept in the crate for quite a while longer). First we’d leave her out while we went to Sunday morning breakfast, then longer as we went to dinner with friends. Finally, all day. And, she’s been *mostly* good. Well, except for that one rug in the kitchen….on Sunday, we finally decided that she had completely graduated, and we packed up the crate. A very bittersweet task, as we realize that Caldonia will most likely be our last puppy. We’ve talked about fostering, and our next Border Collie will be a rescue, but a puppy is a very long term commitment. And getting younger, we’re not. I will say that if Caldonia is indeed the last, I’m glad it’s her. We’ve had a LOT of puppies over the years, and she is, hands down, the most “puppy-ish” one we’ve had. Full of life, playful, puppy-stubborn. Perfect. Except for the dead bird presents she bestows upon us!

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